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[fic] Right Place, Right Time (NC-17) 1/5
Title: Right Place, Right Time
Author: the_new_thing 
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: High School AU, Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel (main), initially Sam/Cas and Dean/Gabriel
Spoilers: None really, since it's an AU, but Cas' siblings are all present, so to be extra safe, blanket for s4 and 5.
Warnings: Fairly graphic sex; brief discussion of previous child abuse (non-sexual); sex between two teenagers that are below the age of consent in some states (both are seventeen).
Word Count: 18,873 total
Summary: When Sam brings his new boyfriend, Castiel, home to meet Dean, Dean is expecting the usual: to hate Castiel and to have to give him the "older brother" speech. What he discovers when he meets Cas is a hell of a lot different. Meanwhile, Sam struggles with maintaining a passing grade in chemistry, a relationship with his closest friend, and his confusing feelings regarding Cas' older brother, Gabriel.


Notes: All your common or garden variety cheesy high school AU clichés to be found right in here. Borrows bits and pieces from various teen rom-coms. Discussion of cheating on one’s significant other, which I am not trying to condone in any way here. First Supernatural fic. Also, I am really rather British, and might have made mistakes with the American high school system (I tried to get it as accurate as I could), so apologies for that. Title from Alkaline Trio’s “Private Eye”.

At the right place, at the right time (it will have been worth it to stand in line)

“So, when do I get to meet this kid?” asked Dean, brushing past his brother on the way to the fridge. “From the way you’ve been talking about him, he must be one hell of a guy.”

The roll of Sam’s eyes did nothing to distract Dean from the colour rising in his cheeks. “He’s a good friend. Stop teasing.”

Dean shrugged. “Hey, it sounds like you really like the guy, that’s all. You’ve been barely anywhere but his place the last two weeks. You guys dating, or something?”

Sam blushed deeper. “Actually, yeah. We kinda are. I mean – you know – it’s nothing serious or anything, we just – we kissed one time, and then - ”

“Sam.” Dean put a hand up. “It’s cool. I’m not gonna tell Dad. I just need to know that this guy’s not gonna hurt you, or screw you over or anything like that. That he’s not a total dickbag, basically.”

Sam smiled to himself. “Cas is nothing like that, Dean. He’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met. I mean, he’s got pretty much no idea about a lot of the stuff I talk about, he grew up in some kind of religious commune. His family only moved here a year ago, and until then, Cas had never even been to a regular high school. But even though he can be kinda....blunt, he’s not a bad guy.”

Dean laughed to himself. If Sam had found someone, girl or guy, that could make him smile like that, Dean wasn’t gonna rain on his parade. As the eldest son of a Marine it was his job to look out for his brother when their dad wasn’t around, despite the fact that Sam was only a year younger than him and now a junior in high school. Sam was smart and he could look out for himself. That didn’t stop Dean worrying about the kid, though.

Their dad had been posted abroad, and they had been told in no uncertain terms that John Winchester was unlikely to return until he had been gone at least eight months. He regularly called and sent letters and photos, and the bank account was full enough that the pantry was always well-stocked, but the bottom line was, Dean and Sam were a sixteen and a seventeen year old alone in a new, strange town, starting, yet again, a new high school. Dean was determined to finish his senior year here – he knew college wasn’t for him, but he at least wanted his high school diploma, and Sammy deserved the best education he could get – kid was gonna be a lawyer someday, had already been looking at college applications.

And now they’d been at their new school for nearly a month, and while Dean, always rough around the edges with strangers, always wary of letting people in, had had trouble connecting with people, Sam had befriended a number of his fellow juniors. He had already decided to try out for the basketball team – he was more than tall enough, at least – and was close friends with the JV cheerleaders, particularly a sweet girl named Jessica and a rather more catty one, Ruby. And evidently, he’d made more than a good friend in this Cas, who Dean had heard a lot about, but never actually met. He tried to stay positive about him for Sam’s sake, but honestly? Cas sounded to Dean like a weirdo. He never went out to parties, he didn’t have any friends other than Sam, and he sounded really anti-social.

“You said he’s got a big family, right? They all go to school with us, or what?”

Sam snorted. “There’s eight of them, Dean, I’m not sure one high school could handle that. He’s got a younger brother, a sophomore, name like Balthazar, something weird. Then an older sister and brother – twins, they are – Anna and Gabriel, they’re seniors. The rest of them are already graduated, can’t remember what most of them do.”

“Gabriel? Gabriel Milton?” Dean raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, how’d you know?”

Dean shrugged. “Not exactly a common name, is it? Guy’s in my chem class. Lab partner, actually. Genius with chemistry. Kind of a dick.”

Sam smiled. “Cas said he was...eccentric.”

“Eccentric’s putting it mildly, Sammy. Crazy’s a better word. Hot, though. I might have to hit that.”

Sam groaned. “Dean....”


“You can probably have your pick of the entire varsity cheerleading squad. Do you think you could maybe lay off the older brother of my best friend at this school?”

“Hey, we can keep it at his place. You’d never even know.”

“You don’t even know if he likes guys, Dean. Oh, and don’t get any ideas about Anna, either.”


In all honesty, when Dean actually interacted with his lab partner, he got the impression Gabriel would probably sleep with just about anything. He was, in addition to being the most notoriously well-informed person at their high school, a player to rival even Dean’s impressive status. Dean also suspected he was running some kind of secret underground racket, although what he was selling Dean had no idea. Probably candy, from the way he talked about chocolate you’d think the stuff he was eating was stuffed full of E.

Gabriel’s frankly obnoxious personality and shady extracurricular activities did not, however, detract from the fact that damn, the man was attractive. Short, yeah, but Dean could live with that. Just meant Dean could lift him with ease, which would facilitate wall sex. One of Dean’s favourites.

He was, admittedly, pissed at Gabriel. He’d walked into the cafeteria that morning to be greeted with a square punch in the jaw from some douchebag from the football team. Apparently he hadn’t taken kindly to Dean fooling around with his girlfriend in the back of his Impala the previous week. In Dean’s defence, he hadn’t known she’d had a boyfriend. Also, she was redheaded, with these massive blue eyes. Dean had always had a bit of a thing for baby blues, and this chick had been packing them. Not a bad rack, either.

“That’ll teach you to mess around with my girl, fucker.” Sneered the still-nameless douchebag, snickering with his Neanderthal friends as Dean clutched his aching jaw.

The girl in question, Cindy (Sandy? Cynthia? Something along those lines) had helped him up.

“Oh god, Dean, I’m sorry. I should have told you. I never thought he’d find out!”

A fine excuse, thought Dean, mentally rolling his eyes. “How did he find out, anyway? No one could have seen us.”

“How d’you think?”she scowled. “That jackass from your chem class that thinks he’s the next Sam Spade, when actually he’s just a creep who lurks around people’s cars and motel rooms and thinks he can charge angry boyfriends for the information.”

Dean sighed. “Gabriel Milton?”

Cindy nodded. “Yeah. That’s him. Jerk.”

So, yeah. Dean wasn’t so happy with Gabriel at the moment.

“Dean-o, you wanna maybe pass me the potassium hydroxide? This process would go a lot faster if you participated in this experiment, y’know.”

Dean grabbed a random chemical and slammed it on the desk.

Gabriel raised an eyebrow and lifted the mystery liquid. “I could put this in the burette, but I’m pretty sure if I did, the school would explode. The purple one, Dean.”

“So that’s it? That’s why you’ve always got a new jacket, that’s how you can afford to run that ancient Mustang, how you can take a different girl to Breadsticks every night of the week? Selling information on your fellow students? Who the hell do you think you are?”

Gabriel merely gave him a knowing smirk, while he funnelled the potassium hydroxide into the bottom of the burette. “First of all, Dean-boy, you ain’t exactly one to talk about cars with more than a few miles under their belt. What’s that behemoth you drive, a ’68?”


“Point. Second, you’ve probably taken out half the cheerleading squad and all of the drama club, girls and guys, by now. And finally, I don’t appreciate being judged. I have a talent. I am using that talent to make a little cash on the side.”

“Getting your lays to tell you shit and lurking in motel car parks is not a talent. No wonder you get such bad grades in everything except chem.”

“I will have you know I am top of the home economics class.”


“I make quite a meringue. Maybe you’d like to see it sometime?”

“Is that a euphemism for something I really don’t wanna know about?”

“If it was?”

Dean grinned. “You’re serious? You wanna...fool around, or something?”

Gabriel laughed. “I don’t see why not. Don’t let this go to your head, but you’re not exactly hard on the eyes, Dean-o.”

“I’ve been warned off you by my kid brother.”

“What, the infamous Sam Winchester? You know, I pride myself on knowing everything about everything at this school, and I’ve never even met your brother, despite having been told about his existence by my own brother. And believe me, considering how much Cas normally talks to me about guys he likes, having been told anything at all is impressive. He must really like Sam.”

“Yeah. Well, Sam’s a good kid. Your brother better not fuck him around.”

Gabriel narrowed his eyes. “Likewise. I don’t know what kind of impression little Sammy’s given you of Cas, but let me tell you. He might come off as a little anti-social, but there is no one in this world sweeter and more giving than my little brother, so your brother better be less of a dick than you are.”

“He is.”

“I’m glad we understand each other, then. So, Friday night good for you? I’ll pick you up around eight?”

Dean shook his head. “Screw that. We’re taking my car. And you don’t need to ply me with reasonably priced Italian food. We’re going to Motel Six.”



It was Saturday afternoon that Sam came storming (well, OK, Sam didn’t storm. He opened the door with slightly more force than was necessary and sat politely on the bed until he was acknowledged) into Dean’s bedroom, exhaling loudly until Dean turned around and raised an interested eyebrow.

“Well? You gonna tell me what the problem is, Sammy, or am I gonna have to guess? Because I’ve probably done a lot of things in the past three weeks that you could be pissed at me for.”

“You know what this is about, Dean. And I told you to stop calling me Sammy. It’s Sam.”

“Right, ‘cause sixteen year-old Sam’s such a grown-up now. Is this about those tacos? It’s not my fault you got a bad one. Oh. Was it the porn I downloaded onto your computer? I was sure I deleted that this time.”

Dean. This is about you sleeping with my boyfriend’s older brother, even after I asked you not to.”

“Oh, that.

“Yes, Dean, that. You couldn’t have restrained yourself this once? I’m sure the guy’s good looking, but - ”

“Why does this piss you off so much, Sam? Is it that weird for you?”

“It’s not about me, it’s about Cas. I’m worried it might be weird for him.”

“Well, I’m sure the kid doesn’t care. You make him sound like he couldn’t give a damn if he even sees his siblings, let alone caring who they’re fucking. Hasn’t he always got his head in a history textbook or whatever?”

“He studies a lot, yes. And he reads for pleasure. It’s one of the things we have in common.” Sam replied coolly.

“Look. If you’re having a chick freak-out about his feelings, bring the nerdy little guy over for dinner, and I can talk to him. I wanna scope out this kid that’s getting handsy with my brother, anyway.”

Sam reddened. “We’re not – look, not that it’s any of your business, Dean, but we’re not getting handsy. Nothing like that.”


Sam sighed. “So...I’ll ask Cas if he wants to come by for dinner tomorrow night. Sound good?”

“Yep. I’ll make the Dean Winchester special.”

“The Dean Winchester special is takeout cheeseburgers and cherry pie.”

“And? This Cas doesn’t like cherry pie, I’m vetoing him right now.”


Sam sat back in his desk chair and opened his laptop, as well as flipping his Calc textbook open. He was taking a senior calculus class as well as AP classes in English and history. It wasn’t that he wasn’t up to the work – he’d found himself nearly at the top of the junior year in a lot of his classes already, but the extra work was a lot, and found himself with little free time. He almost hoped he didn’t make the basketball team, what with how much time it took up. He wouldn’t have time to see Cas.

Still, the calculus assignment lurking in the bottom of his bookbag didn’t stop him from opening MSN to briefly check who was online. He grinned when he saw that Loki92 was online. He didn’t know anything about Loki92, they had met on a chatroom about a month previously, and ended up nerding out together about Nordic mythology and Roman history, and expressing their mutual appreciation for Godiva chocolate. Sam didn’t even know if Loki92 was a guy or a girl. Just that he enjoyed talking to whoever it was. Knowing Sam’s luck, they probably lived on opposite sides of the world.

Loki92: hey, kiddo! How’s the night treating u?

SW93: not so bad. Haven’t heard from you in a while u ok?

Loki92: yeh, been busy. Had a hot date a last nite!

SW93: Yeah? How’d that go?

Loki92: we rattled a few headboards. tmi?

SW93: lol no, it’s cool. I’m not gonna judge.

Loki92: how goes it with the man candy?

SW93: it’s ok. I like him a lot. But now my obnoxious brother wants to meet him and I just know they’re gonna hate each other

Loki92: y would they hate each other? I mean, they both like you, right?

SW93: just really nothing in common. My brother likes classic cars, classic rock, frisky women (and men) and pie. Lots and lots of pie. My bf likes classical music, staring awkwardly at people, reading, and generally sitting down quietly. Not exactly bff material.

Loki92: ha! Sounds like you’ve got quite a situation on ur hands there. You’ll have to let me know how it goes

SW93: will do

Loki92: you coming to the chatroom tonight? Haven’t seen u down there in a while, french-fries and soldierofgod r wondering where you’ve been

SW93:  can’t. Got this assignment.

SW93: I mean

Loki92: So, ur a student? I am getting closer to figuring out your true identity every day, SW93!

SW93: yeah, but you have no idea where. you’ll have to find out a bit more than that

Loki92: all in good time, SW.

Loki92 has signed out.


Sam was nervous. Very nervous. He’d never brought anyone home to meet his family before. And as much as he loved his father, Dean pretty much constituted his family these days. It mattered what Dean thought of Cas. The relationship wasn’t exactly serious, it had barely gotten off the ground, but Sam was keen to see where it might go, and didn’t want Dean to put any unfortunate spanners in the works.

He ruffled his uncooperative hair one last time as his phone buzzed.

Cas: I am here, Sam. I am waiting in your driveway as per your request.

Sam smiled to himself and flipped his phone shut. One of these days he’d have to teach Cas how to text like a normal human. But he had to give him at least some credit. Cas had never even seen a cell phone until he was fourteen. Sam didn’t know the whole story yet, but he knew Cas had been raised under some pretty freaky circumstances. He didn’t like to ask. He knew that Cas would tell him everything eventually, he just had to wait until he was ready.

He slipped out the front door and embraced Cas in a gentle hug.

“Hi, Cas.”

Castiel smiled nervously at him. “Hello, Sam. It – it is a nice house you have here.”

Sam laughed. “You’ve only seen the front porch. Come on in. My loudmouthed brother is waiting to meet you.”

“Right.” Cas attempted a laugh, but it came out more nervous than anything.

“Don’t worry.” Sam said, squeezing his hand. “He’ll like you. And if he doesn’t, well, that’s his problem, not ours.”

“Dean!” he called, upon re-entering the house. “Cas is here!”

Cas’ heart was thumping in his chest. From what he had heard about Dean Winchester from both Sam and his own brother, Gabriel, Dean was about as likely to get along with Cas as he was to go to the moon. Cas had never had either a boyfriend or girlfriend before, and wasn’t sure of the correct etiquette upon meeting their family. But he knew that he wanted this Dean to like him. Or, at least, to not hate him. Sam would be very disappointed if he did. And Cas did not like to see Sam disappointed.

“Hey there. You must be Cas. I’m Dean, Sammy’s older brother.”

Castiel turned to extend his hand to Dean, and looked up into the face of his boyfriend’s brother.

His heart just about stopped.

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Oh god, I just about died when I read Breadsticks! Haha. On to the next chapter.

This story was beyond adorable and fantastic. I figured it was Gabriel behind Loki and for the other two... I have no clue but the guy who wasn't high school - I have a feeling that's Michael. I don't know, I just think he is especially since Gabriel joked about "converting" and what not ._.

Alright, for the characters - cute. Love your Dean. Love, love, love him :") And for the rest, I'd love to comment on each chapter but since I read it from my iTouch, I'll save you time by reading it on one post.

Like I have mentioned, your story is fantastic. It's just overall cute and Dean and Castiel together is just :'D Thank you so much for writing this!

Thank you for the great comment! I'm really glad you liked it.

I decided to not reveal the other members of the forum, leave it up to the reader's imagination....but I definitely had Michael in mind. :)

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