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Oh god, I just about died when I read Breadsticks! Haha. On to the next chapter.

This story was beyond adorable and fantastic. I figured it was Gabriel behind Loki and for the other two... I have no clue but the guy who wasn't high school - I have a feeling that's Michael. I don't know, I just think he is especially since Gabriel joked about "converting" and what not ._.

Alright, for the characters - cute. Love your Dean. Love, love, love him :") And for the rest, I'd love to comment on each chapter but since I read it from my iTouch, I'll save you time by reading it on one post.

Like I have mentioned, your story is fantastic. It's just overall cute and Dean and Castiel together is just :'D Thank you so much for writing this!

Thank you for the great comment! I'm really glad you liked it.

I decided to not reveal the other members of the forum, leave it up to the reader's imagination....but I definitely had Michael in mind. :)

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